Anti-Ram Bollards at Los Angeles International Airport

The Challenge

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security implemented a security directive to increase aviation security in all airports globally. Specifically, Homeland Security is working to “increase security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas.” Due to this directive, Los Angeles International Airport was in search of a solution that provided the additional security required at their terminals. Airport terminals are high traffic areas for both pedestrians and vehicles, presenting an increased risk for tragic accidents.

The Solution

Ameristar worked with LAX Airport, consultants, architects, and the general contractor to develop a solution based on the site layout, conditions and security needs. Ultimately, LAX decided to go with our Ultra Shallow Mount Bollards to protect their terminals.

The Ultra Shallow Series is available in three crash tested configurations: M50/P1, PAS68, and K4/L3. All configurations require just 6”-10” of total excavation, enabling contractors to install a crash tested certified product at a fraction of the depth required by traditional products, saving on labor costs and time. This is especially beneficial for airports who may be dealing with multiple levels or underground utilities. For LAX, the terminals remained open during construction, so the bollards had to be installed quickly and with minimal disruption.

The Result

At the end of the project, the contractor was very pleased with our manufacturing schedule.  The project was complete before the contracted agreement and before the Department of Homeland Security’s deadline.

However, a month and a half after installation, the bollards were put to the test on January 1, 2019. A Lincoln Navigator and a passenger van crashed into the recently installed bollards. The bollards stopped the vehicles from continuing to crash beyond the curb and prevented injury to nearby pedestrians.

Download the PDF Version of this case study here.