Introducing Exodus Pedestrian Egress Gate!

Ameristar Perimeter Security presents a revolutionary pedestrian egress gate, Exodus. We found the market to be lacking an egress gate that was simple, secure and beautiful. The Exodus design seeks to solve common problems users face when choosing an egress gate for commercial and industrial sites.

Exodus ships to you pre-assembled and requires no field fabrication. This design feature saves valuable time and money, resulting in a flawless installation. The non-removable pins and power transfer components produce a secure gate more capable of restricting vandalism and forced entry. The power transfer system makes it easy for you to integrate the security system of choice without additional labor. Users can choose from six different infill options to match the site’s aesthetics and fence system, and Exodus is available in three different mounting options: flange mount, plated mount or direct bury. We also took the extra step to ensure Exodus would meet IBC building codes.

Exodus egress gates integrate seamlessly with our most popular fence lines: Montage II, Aegis II and Impasse II. Because of this, Exodus is a perfect gate solution for many applications, including: K-12 Schools, High Education, Stadiums/Arenas, Apartments and Assisted Living.

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