Last Minute Schedule Changes – What Matters Most

It is 4 PM on a Friday evening. Your crews are in the yard unloading and reloading trucks, pulling off the left over material from the day and loading pre-pulled material for an early start Monday morning.  Everyone is ready to punch out for the day, including you, and looking forward to a much-needed weekend of rest and relaxation, spending some well-earned time with the family and maybe even enjoying some time outdoors.

The schedule is already set for Monday, and you are walking out the door when the phone rings.  You accept the call hoping it is a quick 2-minute conversation before your weekend commences.  Alas, it is a general contractor that you had scheduled 2 weeks out because the job site was not ready.  Guess what?  The grading work will be finished tomorrow and he needs you setting posts on Monday before a concrete pour next week.

You click off the call, and it is now almost 4:15PM. You contact your Ameristar representative looking for posts that will get you on site Monday to keep the project on schedule and keep your word to your customer.

 “Good afternoon, Ameristar, how may we assist you today?” 

You are looking for a quick response. Within a few minutes, you get an affirmative that posts are available and a Monday morning will-call is all set. You hang up the phone and finally begin the weekend.

Having ample inventory on hand makes those last minute construction schedule changes possible, allowing you to head out for that weekend of R&R with the peace of mind that you are ready to start Monday on schedule. Ameristar Perimeter Security keeps stock of our most popular products on hand at our Tulsa, OK manufacturing facility, our eight Sales and Service Centers and at over 200 distributors located throughout the U.S. Our 30+ sales representatives are ready to help you be successful at the job site and during those last minute changes, so that you have more time for what matters most.