Steel vs. Aluminum Fence: What Should You Offer Your Customers?

Difference Between Steel & Aluminum

Steel ornamental fence is an ideal choice for the customer who wants a product that is very strong and durable. The strength of steel also appears more substantial, making it a good option for the customer who wants a premium product.

It is important to watch out for mechanically fastened fence systems.  This process will typically lose some of the efficiency at each joint because potential movement or rotation can occur during installation from wind or from people and objects leaning against the fence. That isn’t a problem with Montage because the joints are welded and not fastened, making this fence product more solid in feel, function, and form.

Aluminum fence is great solution for coastal areas with a high exposure to salt-spray and extreme humidity. It can withstand these harsh environments without rusting. Aluminum is also a more economical option over steel while providing a similar appearance.

When comparing aluminum fence products, check for a proper coating process and salt-spray testing. Also look for a warranty against corrosion.

About Montage Family of Steel Fence

The Montage fence products features the latest fusion welding technology with our exclusive E-Coat ™ process to produce the optimum welded steel fence in the world.

The welded construction of the Montage installed fence panel is a combination of rail strength and “joint efficiency”. In a welded panel such as Montage, the vertical load bearing strength is equal to the sum of the rail strengths of all the rails in the panel.

Since Montage is welded before it is coated, it’s crucial that the coating process reach all exposed areas of the welded structure. The E-Coat process ensures that panels are totally submerged in the coating material to facilitate protective coverage of all exposed surfaces, inside and out, not just those visible. The same hot-cold, wet-dry cyclic testing used in the manufacture of automobiles ensures the weather resistant capability of the Montage E-Coat protection, and stands as the foundation of Ameristar’s 20- year limited warranty, proudly offered on all members of the Montage family.

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About Echelon Family of Aluminum Fence

Our Echelon family of aluminum fences combines a base material with a polyester finish coat that will not rust and can stand up to the harmful effects of an environment not conducive to steel.

Echelon has been the standard for commercial, residential and industrial projects not only for installation environment issues, but also because of the patented ForeRunner ™ rail design used in all Echelon products. The ForeRunner rail is the strongest rail on the market today because of its innovative shape and configuration.

Due to the component nature of the Echelon system, its protective coating is best achieved by electrostatic powder spray. Ameristar’s polyester finish process, known as PermaCoat ™, ensures a moisture barrier with a tough outer finish that is resistant to scuffing and chipping that could happen during transportation and during on-site installation. All members of the Echelon family carry a limited lifetime warranty against corrosion.

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