Surface Guard for Temporary Event Protection

Protect Your Event

With the ever-increasing amount of tragic occurrences within public spaces, security enhancements at these areas become imperative.  Large events create targets for senseless acts of violence but can be mitigated with preventative planning and implementation of the right barrier system.  The Surface Guard™ barrier system is the perfect solution for pedestrian protection within public spaces.  Deployed within a mere 20 minutes, the Surface Guard barrier is ready to provide protection with freedom of movement to any events or public spaces with risk areas.  The Surface Guard™ barricades protect event goers from accidental or targeted vehicular attacks and allow pedestrian traffic to flow seamlessly through the barrier wedges.

No Muss, No Fuss

Through ATG Access, Ameristar Perimeter Security is introducing the Surface Guard™ temporary barrier solution.  Developed for quick deployment, the Surface Guard components are compact, stack-able, and lightweight for easy of transporting and storage.

The Surface Guard barrier system is

  • Lightweight
  • Robust
  • Easy to install
  • Compact for storing
  • Simple to transport

Bells And Whistles

Designed with freedom of movement in mind, the Surface Guard™ barrier system protects the public without impeding quality of life.  This pedestrian protection barrier has the ability to traverse curbs and traffic islands as well as uneven roadways for complete roadway protection.  Further customization includes additions of people counting devices, LED lighting and custom labeling used for public information, advertising, or branding.