Vehicle Threats at Daycare Playgrounds

The Problem

Vehicle traffic during school hours pose a threat to the safety of children at play. There are an increasing number of reports reciting incidents of vehicles careening through parking lots and crashing through fences injuring children within daycare and childcare facilities. The fence systems in place are often too weak to mitigate the force of the vehicle regardless of how fast it is travelling at the time of impact. At a preschool in Texas, a teenage driver confused the brake and gas pedals and crashed through a fence, injuring children on the playground. Similar incidents took place in New Jersey, North Carolina and Kentucky.

Daycare Accident Scene at Frisco Texas

Frisco, TX daycare accident scene. Photo from Dallas News report.

The Solution

To prevent possible tragedies, Ameristar created the Stalwart II PU30-P2 fence system, which is specifically designed for Daycare and Preschool use. The system uses anti-ram steel cables that are integrated within the Montage Plus fence line. This passive cable barrier is engineered to provide impact protection from a 5500 lb. vehicle travelling 30 MPH. The PU30-P2 designation is derived from the ASTM F2656 standard, which indicates size, speed and test result of a barrier. Our fence system unites anti-ram cable and Montage Plus Majestic Pool, Pet & Play design to create a child-friendly fence barrier. This system highlights features such as a reduced 3” picket space and flush bottom rail designed for keeping children safe.

The Result

An example of an Ameristar fence protecting a play area took place in Dallas, TX. The playground was adjacent to a sharp curve, and a driver misjudged his speed into the curve and crashed into the fence barrier that was surrounding the play area. The fence barrier stopped the vehicle and no children were harmed. Daycare owners using the Stalwart II PU30-P2 fence system exceed industry standards. The value is protecting playgrounds, sports fields and school campuses from vehicle attacks, keeping children and teachers safe.

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